The first mobile phone system

Almost no one knows that the first mobile phone system was tested in 1946, now 75 years ago, and it was a device that had to go in a vehicle and users had to call an operator to connect them with another user.

The following video shows how the system worked and it’s worth seeing it.

Today we are surprised, among other things, by the size of the Transmitter and Receiver that weighed many kilos and occupied a large part of the trunk of a car, and from then until now there have been great technological advances that could be summarized in one word: miniaturization.

Electronics with the development of chips has made it possible for us today to have a mobile phone on our wrist at affordable prices for almost everyone.

Most people see this as something normal but they don’t stop to think about the tens of years of research, investment and work of thousands of people in their different fields of activity.

And that is the goal of my reflection today. Recognize that where we are we have not arrived by chance, but through a lot of work and effort.

Continuing with the example of the mobile phone, the first time I called on a “mobile” (a little over 30 years ago) the device was installed in a car and weighed several kilos. And in a few years the microelectronics “revolution” increased until reaching the current situation of being able to talk with a device similar to a watch that we wear on our wrist.

Dear friends, 75 years is a long way and we can see that in the last decades technological changes and developments occur at very fast speeds that threaten to leave many people in the gutter.

The stability enjoyed by Europe in the almost 70 years after the war is over, and now the world and international relations are changing, more complex and affect us even if we don’t want.

TECHNOLOGY (with capital letters) is once again a “driver” of everything that surrounds us and the countries that do not have it will be less and less relevant.

We are in Europe and we hope that the US-China rivalry does not take off too much to find its place in the new world that is being formed.

The challenges are becoming more complex, more global and greater every day.