The fight between Apple and Facebook is for one word: data

Apple and Facebook have been “fighting” for a few months in the world of news, because Apple in its new version of the operating system (iOS14) for their mobiles will allow users to decide whether or not to allow the APPs they use get their data.

Today everything we do on the Internet and through our mobile APPs is tracked by the same systems that we use, and they do that without us noticing.

From all our data (from absolutely everything we do) are obtained a huge amounts of grouped data that are used (bought and sold) to generate advertising oriented to our activities.

That is the great business of many companies including Facebook, not forgetting Google, as well as many other smaller and unknown to us.

And that’s where the fight originates. Apple wants to preserve the privacy of its users and for them to decide who can get their data, and Facebook wants to obtain the maximum amount of data from the users of its APPs at any price because that is one of its main sources of income.

The new version of the iOS 14 operating system is expected to appear this spring and Apple remains firm in its desire to defend the privacy of its users.

In the past, they faced the authorities for this cause when they requested data from the iPhone of one of its users, and they refused to do so in defense of his privacy.

I don’t have an iPhone but I agree with Apple’s position, and I would like Android to do something similar, but I doubt they will do it because Google also earns a lot from the sale of its users’ data. And before buying a new mobile I will give a lot of thought to which operating system I buy it.

Apple’s “business” is based on selling its devices and its “system” environment, and it makes very good profits from it. Apple does not gain anything by selling data and that is why it defends the privacy of its users, but what Apple does not say is that its “system” is a very closed environment where they impose all the conditions.

Here there is no one innocent and each one looks for what suits him.

And what will happen to users when the new iOS 14 version appears? I suppose nothing. They will be able to better control their privacy and will continue to use the same APPs as before.

And those who previously obtained data with total ease (such as Facebook) will have it much more difficult and will find a way to obtain it by other means.

Although at the moment Facebook has already gone ahead and has begun to advertise so that its users should allow the tracking of their activities on their iPhone, telling them that it is a good and positive thing to be able to offer them a better service.

There are many naive people who do not care about the value of their data and do not care what companies do with them.

And how couldn’t it be otherwise, Google following in the wake of Apple has announced that Android will do something similar without indicating a specific date, although it will do so less emphatically than Apple.

Their interests go in another other direction, they are also interested in user data for their advertising revenue.

As I said before, no one here is innocent and everyone looks for the best of their interests. But I am very clear that one of my interests is the privacy of my data.

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues