The aircraft with three wings

I have read the news of the new planes with three wings with the greatest precaution, because nowadays we can see the most extravagant news sustained only with some photos and some video.

The idea has been provided by the company SE Aeronautics (a new company created in Alabama), and as they indicate with their new three-wing aircraft, the consumption of current aircraft would be reduced by 70% and contamination by CO2 by 80% .

Much savings seems to me.

It is true that with the greater wing surface the suspension is greater too, but also it weighs more. And aeronautical engineers have been looking for the best balance between weight, wing, position of engines and fuel consumption.

The model they have submitted is called 200; all the fuselage is made in one-piece compound, the wings do not carry fuel and have the Wing-Tip facing down, the fuel is stored at the back of the fuselage, is propelled by 2 motors also placed in the rear, and it has a range of 10,000 miles with 264 passengers on board.

As indicated in the company’s information, Aeronautics intends to revolutionize the industry, with something that nobody has done in the last 70 years, that is, they want to leave the engineers of Boeing and Airbus as “silly willies”.

I do not say it can’t be done, but one thing is to present some photos and video and another very different to develop an airplane and certify it. Those are big words.

You can watch a video at:

We hope to see how things evolve. At the moment I am rather skeptical, but I understand that there are others smarter than me, and I wish the best to the people of Aeronautics.

At least I have to give them credit for showing a great deal of courage with their proposal.