Scientists discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT

Amador Palacios
2 min readMar 13, 2023

It is very clear that ChatGPT is a novelty that has become very fashionable and that many people talk about it, some of us use it from time to time, and other more experts comment on its future advantages and disadvantages.

That it is a new and powerful tool seems very clear, and big tech companies are investing in this technology and adding it to their existing applications. Microsoft has already done it, Google will do it soon, and the rest are figuring out how to do it.

Something to explain to people is that this technology has not appeared suddenly and by chance, but that there have been many years of hard work of “Deep Learning” by computers (that is, programmers) to learn from the vast amount of information that exists online.

If ChatGPT writes well now, it is because it has learned it from the vast amount of information that exists on the WEB’s of newspapers, magazines, Wikipedia, APP’s, etc… from all of them it has extracted and extracts information.

Subsequently, there have been many thousands of hours of work by many people who have “taught” the system (training) to be more sophisticated and more like people, so that their answers seem to be made by a person, because that is what we like to receive

And to top it off, the participation of many people using the ChatGPT service has also been a great help, because when using it the system made its responses that were monitored by the OpenAI people, and they could correct and improve the responses of the “system”, making it turn on himself. The more it was used, the more it learned and the better it did.

The appearance of OpenAI has been the penultimate step, which has been quickly followed by other well-known ones (Microsoft, Google, etc…), and I’m sure others still unknown but who are working hard.

Some experts are already talking about the future of this technology, venturing where it could go, and of course all these are assumptions that may or may not be fulfilled. The future is yet to unfold.

But what is clear to me is that I do not want to lose my privacy or my freedom. I don’t want any “system” to control or coerce me, no matter how smart it is. Above my freedom there should be no one.

And that we have to be clear that it must be defended tooth and nail.



Amador Palacios

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