Our problem is that there is no relationship between what we know and what we do

I say this in relation to the climate change that we already have affecting us and the behavior that almost all of us have.

Everyone is aware that climate change is going to affect us seriously (it is already affecting us), but no one is willing to give up any of the benefits we enjoy (going by private car to all places, traveling in our free time to exotic places, etc….).

We know what will happen to us if we don’t react, but we hardly react in any way. Everyone hopes that in some undetermined way things will be worked out and the situation will not become as bad as some doomsayers, among whom I am, paint it.

Our leaders do the same and continue to subsidize fossil fuels with much more money than they dedicate to the development of new green technologies. Their only interest is that people return to their pre-pandemic situation as soon as possible and consume as much as possible.

They think that if we are happy we will vote for them, and tomorrow is very far away.

Current laws protect businesses, and the bigger they are the better they protect themselves. If a government prohibits, for example, drilling for oil on its coasts, it can be sued by the company that already did it for putting its future profits at risk, and demanding money in return.

Let us not think that it is so easy to change the current situation if we do not change the mentality and ethics of our actions.

Despite Mr. Biden’s ecological declarations of not prospecting or fracking, in recent months almost 2,000 new oil prospects have been approved (by law) in the USA, and OPEC countries have been asked to increase their quota of oil extraction.

The economic joy cannot be stopped.

I believe that we are not prepared for the radical transformation that we need and we will crash against the wall of climate change. Some will be more affected than others, and the poorest will be at the end of the queue, as always.

What a nasty world !!



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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues