This is a concept that is being talked about more and more every day.

The challenge of obtaining sufficient non-polluting electrical energy is so great that it may only be achieved by using different complementary forms of energy generation.

As it is not possible to depend only on Nature (wind and sun) to generate the energy we need and when we need it, so alternative means are sought to “help” the generation of energy by means that do not pollute the atmosphere.

And one of them is nuclear energy, which has the defect of disposing of its waste but which does not pollute when the energy is produced.

Until now, nuclear plants were projects that cost billions of euros, took years to manufacture, and generated on the order of several Gw. power.

Years ago, people began to talk about mini-plants from 100 to 300 Mw. of power, and now are in vogue 10 Mw micro-centrals of power, and that some call micro-reactors and others “nuclear batteries”, and that can be placed in a container and placed where the energy is needed.

It is a new concept that also involves people from MIT and major companies like Westinghouse who have said they will have a prototype in two years.

This concept has quite a few advantages. It is a repetitive product and can be manufactured in series, which greatly reduces costs. Due to its size, it can be easily placed where it is needed (they are carried on a truck).

Once installed and connected to the network, they operate autonomously for a few years. Their small size makes them easy to cool and without costly installations. Each one is insulated and encapsulated in steel to prevent any type of external radiation. Every few years they can be taken to the factory for repair and maintenance, etc….

Apparently they have many advantages and their disadvantage remains that of the recovery and storage of their waste.

I do not like nuclear energy very much for that reason, but in the face of the energy challenge that we have before us, we must analyze all the possibilities with an open mind and with well-founded analyzes of pros and cons. Without any dogmatism.

It is more than likely that this new energy possibility will be available very soon and must be rigorously considered.

Until fission energy becomes available one day we still have a long way to go, and in the meantime we have to consider all non-polluting options.

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues