New technology that prevents dust on surfaces

Amador Palacios
2 min readMar 22


We all know how annoying dust is on surfaces and the inconvenience it causes. On trips to space and on tours of the Moon, dust adheres to the devices and causes them to deteriorate sooner.

That is why NASA has funded research to find a solution to the dust problem, and after a long time the solution has been found by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin.

They have developed a process based on the use of nanoparticles that are deposited on the surface to be protected. These particles are completely transparent and when they adhere to the surface, they do not allow the dust to stick to them, and this is released by gravity.

This process has several advantages:

Once applied on the surface, no type of energy is required for it to act

The process is easily applicable to almost all kinds of surfaces of various shapes and sizes.

And something very important is that although it was initially designed for space, the product can be applied to a multitude of cases on a day-to-day basis. And therefore we can get to see its use on many of our devices.

Who wouldn’t want to have a computer screen that doesn’t get dusty, or a dust-free windowpane, or solar panels that don’t break down due to dust, or…..?

The possible applications are multiple and varied, and in a short time we can see them in reality. Furthermore, this is another good example of how a development for space ends up being useful in civilian life.

A video can be seen at:

Hopefully we’ll see this soon.



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