Mobile phones with satellite connection

The new mobiles will gradually have the possibility of connecting with a satellite, and thus be able to always be connected. Apple has taken the first step with the iPhone 14 model and the others will follow very quickly.

In fact, Huawei has already announced that its Mate 50 model will offer a satellite connection, and the rest (with the Android operating system) are about to arrive.

Terminals capable of connecting via satellite have been known for many years, but they are expensive, large terminals, and since there are very few of them, the connections are very expensive and only some people with very special needs use them.

On the other hand, current mobiles are small, manageable, easy to use, most are cheap, and are used by everyone (there are billions of operating mobiles).

The fact that the new mobiles use additional frequencies to be able to connect with satellites will change the world of mobiles and the business of satellite communications, which will become much more popular in the near future.

The new iPhone 14 offers the 5G n53 band to communicate with satellite networks (such as GlobalStar and others), and the chip manufacturer Qualcomm is going to include these frequencies in its chips, so that in a very short time we will have many mobile phones with the Possibility of connecting with satellites.

But it is one thing for a possibility to exist, and another thing for it to be practical. Because, the connection to the satellites will be expensive (Apple offers it free for the first two years after the purchase of the terminal, but then you will have to pay for it), at first very slow (although in a few years it will be faster), and only justifiable in cases of special need.

But since there are so many millions of mobile phones on the market, it is to be expected that the current rates for connection to satellites will change downwards. Now it remains for mobile operators to reach agreements with satellite operators to offer services to mobile customers, and see what they offer.

But just in case, what Apple has done is guarantee an important part of the market, since it has reached an agreement with GlobalStar to have 85% of its connection capacity, and that only for mobile phones with its iOS operating system. Our friends of Apple are anything but stupid.

What is also very clear to me is that for the majority of mortals (as is my case) the connection of mobile phones via satellite is not a necessity, far from it, but I am sure that the manufacturers will insist on their “benefits” so that we change mobile and move on to the new models.

The important thing for them is to sell and have us well taken, but the last decision is up to us, although we have to learn to think a little more critically.



I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues

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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues