Is this the time for the bicycle?

Amador Palacios
2 min readJul 27, 2020


Well it could be. Due to information received from other countries, bicycles have increased their sales in almost all of them.

If we look at the new types of bicycles on offer, each week several different models appear and most with electric motors that give them greater autonomy. They are already achieving autonomies of more than 80 km.

The Covid-19 has been for many people, and also for many political leaders, a wake-up call about the changes to be made in transport in cities, and what is called the “last mile” transport in the distribution of products .

And it is very clear, for almost everyone, that this transport should be ecological and as public as possible.

And that’s where the bicycle comes in, along with other rolling devices (scooters, electric motorcycles, etc …) as a viable alternative within the transport of the future of cities.

In certain areas of the USA in the months of March and April of this year, bicycle sales increased by 50%. And in Europe, prominent political leaders (from France, Spain, etc …) expressed their willingness to promote its use.

The Mayor of London (Sadik Khan) has expressed very clearly his desire to further limit the movement of vehicles on many of its streets, and to have them used by by cyclists and pedestrians.

It is a global trend that will increase in a short time, as the way we live in our cities needs to be changed.

The bicycle is a very practical product to be used, it is not expensive (even if the bicycle is electric), its maintenance costs are minimal, it takes up little space to be stored, and it lasts for many years. It has almost no problems.

The one that gets to be used in a massive way has to do with the customs of the society, and if we want to change the evolution of our society, we must change our customs.

The promotion and facilitation of the use of the bicycle is an action taken in the right direction. Hopefully we will.



Amador Palacios

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