How do they use our data to get our votes?

Most of us know, although most people don’t care, that tech companies have an enormous amount of data on each of us.

This data is bought and sold (there they get most of their income) to send us advertising for certain products to buy, and to suggest what other things we could buy, see, read, etc …

And just as they suggest actions to take, they can also suggest the orientation of our vote, and all this without us even noticing.

The first scandal was organized 2 years ago with the Cambridge Analytica affair (they obtained millions of data from Facebook to send messages interested in guiding the vote of the people), and although it was criticized by most of the politicians, eventually all parties get data from voters to try to benefit their chances of getting votes.

The first data are obtained from the electoral system provided by the base of the voters with their names and addresses.

With the names of the people they can go to the Data Brokers and get ( by paying) a lot of information from each of the people to try to deduce what their political orientation is, and how they could be encouraged to direct their vote.

I am not talking about science fiction. This is done, although everyone denies it and no one responds when asked about it.

According to the European GDPR standard we should know how our data is used and agree with it. But that’s the theory; because in practice we do not know what they know about us and what they do with that information.

My final conclusion is that I have the certainty based on feelings that I cannot demonstrate, that we receive “information” that we do not know where it comes from or who sends it, and that information has a certain orientation to encourage us to take some concrete action, and at a certain time to cast our vote.

Dear friends, although we feel free, we should think that perhaps (just perhaps) we are less free than we think.

But deep down we are

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues