Have you thought about how climate change will affect you?

Amador Palacios
3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Almost nobody does and that is why most people are so calm. Most of the people think that “some say” that it is something that is going to happen, but no one assumes that something is going to happen to them.

And in that way we continue to live and consume as if nothing was going to happen.

And not only is it going to happen, but it is already happening for those who are willing to see it. We have seen major heat waves and fires last year. Higher than ever temperatures are being noted in various parts of the globe, etc …

For those of us who live in Madrid, experts warn us that by the year 2050 the temperature will be similar to what Marrakech had 40 years ago.

And the same will happen with other cities, London will have the temperature of Barcelona, ​​and etc… etc….

Ice is being lost in the polar caps as we have never known, and the normal thing is that the level of the seas increases.

Currently 10% of the world’s population lives at sea level. A rise in sea levels between 10 and 20 meters would have devastating consequences.

A simple example: If you, dear friend, have a summer house at sea level, it is almost certain that your great-grandchildren (or their children) will not enjoy it. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? Well, think about it.

And if you live at sea level, the problem will be even greater.

The changes will also affect crops in still unpredictable ways, and what is clear is that the migrations of people will be vastly greater than what we see today.

Some experts estimate that will be about 15 times higher. They are only estimates but what is clear is that the PROBLEM will be much greater.

The great human conflicts, food, water scarcity, etc…. have always been the cause of wars, which bring nothing but misery.

And it is not about getting tragic but about thinking a little in the medium term.

The alternative that we have to follow as before without thinking much about the future (which as we see is painful), is to quickly modify our way of life to an eco-sustainable system.

We have the means (technology and money) to do it. It just takes the political will to get it started in a more urgent way than before.

If someone doesn’t do it because they say it costs money, not doing it will be much more expensive.

Covid-19 has cost us trillions of dollars and has been a “joke” compared to what lies ahead.

Dear friend, think about how climate change is going to affect you, and see what you can do (we can all do something, starting with raising awareness among our friends) to help the changes in our society go quickly in the right direction.



Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues