Google and Apple want to control a part of the car of the future

Amador Palacios
2 min readAug 9, 2022


Currently Google and Apple totally control the mobile world, since all the phones in the world use their systems, with Google being the one with the most widespread operating system, with a share of around 90%.

All new cars, and especially those of a certain level, offer an Information / Entertainment system and offer one or both possibilities (both Google and Apple) for the user, but they are systems “external” to the vehicle.

New electric cars could be defined very simply as a large computer, a battery, an electric motor, and a chassis. And the Information and Entertainment system would be part of the computer software. And this field is where Google and Apple are strong, and it is where they want to position themselves for the future.

Google bets with its Android Automotive Operation System ( AAOS ) that it offers free to car manufacturers to include it in the system of their vehicles, and Apple does it with CarPlay, which is the equivalent system.

And both companies want the same thing, that the car of the future be like a huge “mobile” with wheels, in which all its applications can be installed.

And the car manufacturers are going to accept their proposals, because the attempts they have made to have their own Information systems have been unsuccessful. They cannot compete with the experience and knowledge of Google or Apple.

And what will that mean for users? Well, we will be very happy to have the same system in our cars that we have in our mobile. Since that will give us ease of use.

And for Google and Apple it will be an additional business, since they will have a huge amount of data, in addition to what they already have from us. And we know very well that this data is a big business, especially for Google.

And in more than 20 years when there would be autonomous cars, we will continue to use the same entertainment systems from both manufacturers.

Obviously, both Google and Apple are not at all stupid.



Amador Palacios

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