For some the war in Ukraine is good business

Amador Palacios
2 min readMar 17, 2023

Although wars bring misery, destruction and suffering to most people, there are always some who benefit from that situation, and the same is happening with the current war in Ukraine.

Not long ago (late February 2023) the International Defense Fair was held in Abhu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), which has been very successful with the public (and with customers, I suppose), since everyone is very sensitive to this issue and they have realized how important it is to have warehouses full of ammunition.

In the war in Ukraine, both the Russians and the Ukrainians have had to resort to “external” suppliers in order to have enough weapons with which to maintain the fighting, since the Russians never thought that this fight would last so long, and the Ukrainians are supported by foreign aid.

And one thing is very clear, there is no such thing as a war for the arms business to move. And both the manufacturers of arms and ammunition as well as the intermediaries are doing a good business these days.

The Abu Dhabi exhibition has been the largest in recent years. More than 1,300 companies from 65 countries have attended, and have received more than 125,000 visitors.

More than 50 participating companies were Turkish, because although their technology is not very advanced, they have shown with their drones that they can be important allies at a reasonable price.

The Israelis have also attended with more than 50 companies at this fair, despite being held in an Arab country, and this indicates how relations in the Middle East are changing, in addition to the fact that the Israelis do have highly advanced defense technologies.

And the Russians have also presented their companies, certainly not far from the US pavilion, because in the business world almost anything goes.

The deals (sales of materiel) that take place at these events are not known to the public, and some of them (especially those involving sophisticated weaponry) can last for several years. What some unidentified people have commented on is that the volume of agreed business has increased significantly. Something very logical.

After the start of this war, many countries, including the European ones, have increased their defense budgets, and this has caused the world business to increase significantly. And since there aren’t many big manufacturers, their business prospects for the coming years have improved significantly.

The business of war, politely called Defense, has its ups and downs, and at the moment it is at one of its peaks. A shame.



Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues