Experts warn that the destruction of our natural environment will bring us more pandemics in the future

This warning has been given once again (they have been saying it for dozens of years) in the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid-19, to see if this time we are a little more receptive to their warnings. The truth is that until now we have not been.

According to the UN, WWF and WHO, Coronavirus-type pandemics are the result of the destruction of nature that we have ignored for dozens of years. We are reminded once again that the destruction of green areas, the illegal trade in wildlife, and the abusive consumption of our daily diet are the main bases of our current and future problems.

They insist that the warnings we had with Ebola, Sars, Zika, etc … all of them due to contacts with animals that were under external pressure from their natural environment, have now been confirmed with the Covid-19 on a much larger scale, but with similar causes.

This time the only difference with the previous ones is that people got infected in areas from where they traveled to other places, and with the trips the contagions increased on a planetary scale.

Our excessive consumption and our meat-based diet, together with the increase in the population, means that ever greater extensions of land are needed to cultivate and raise livestock, and this is achieved by eliminating natural green areas.

The animals that used to live in those jungles get in contact with us and we interject diseases. They disappear and we get sick. As simple as that.

The disappearance of wild species is a parameter to measure our negative impact on nature.

In summary, in the throes of the Covid-19 the experts are giving us a new warning to change our habits and attitudes, so that things improve in the future, but will we?

Will we take advantage of the large investments that will be made in the recovery from this crisis, to do it in an environmentally efficient way?

Hopefully we will, although I have my doubts. There are many created interests.

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues