Everyone is betting on electric cars

Amador Palacios
2 min readDec 27, 2021


And in the commitment to electric cars I think that the Hyunday Group (Kia also belongs to the group) is one of the most aggressive.

If someone has paid a little attention to what happens in the automotive world, they will have observed how Hyunday (and Kia) have greatly increased their presence in the market in recent years. I have checked it when I drive my car and I see many Hyundays and Kia circulating on the roads

Some brands that 20 years ago were almost unknown in Europe, today have a multitude of cars circulating on our roads. And they have achieved it with good, modern products with competitive prices.

And I see that in the case of the electric car they also approach it with ambition, because apart from having some hybrid models on the market for years, they are strongly committed to fully electric cars with autonomous capabilities.

The Hyunday Seven concept is one example of this. They present an electric, autonomous car, without a steering wheel and with a joystick to be used in case of need. See photo below

And its interior is also totally different. It is a room that moves on wheels and that the seats are configurable. See photo below

The concept they have presented is a platform called E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) that will be used by various models of both brands. It is a flexible and adaptable electric platform to different sizes of cars, with the aim of modularizing the designs and lowering the costs of the cars.

I am clear that they have presented a “concept” and that when it comes to making the car things will be a little different and more practical, but I see that Hyunday is positioned without complexes before the big guys of the automotive industry with its own ideas of the electric car and autonomous. Without any fear of those “big guys” in the sector.

In the automotive world, a great revolution is taking place that will last several years, and it remains to be seen who will take the top positions.

Today no one has a guaranteed position.



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