Every day the electrification of cars is promoted more

This is happening in all countries, but the great change that is taking place in the USA is curious, which in some way is going to affect the rest of us.

I have read in The Verge of the efforts made by Senator Chuch Schumer (D-New York) to help Americans switch from their gasoline car to an electric one.

And his ideas are in agreement with those expressed by President Biden, which in some way will be more easily supported. The objectives of this nice man is that by the year 2030 all the cars that are manufactured in the USA are electric, and that by the year 2040 all those that circulate on its roads will be.

It is not far-fetched, although it is difficult to achieve, and some car companies (Volvo, GM, Volkswagen, etc …) have already said they have similar goals for the year 2030.

How could it be otherwise, Mr. Schumer also advocates installing more than half a million places where cars are charged (electric charger stations), apart from the private facilities of each one in their house.

And for all this change, he proposes to use a part of the almost 2 trillion dollars that Mr. Biden has raised to reactivate the North American economy.

I think it’s a very smart position, and I’m sure Senator Schumer is going to get a political payoff from his proposal as well.

In his honor, it must be said that he made the proposal in 2019 (at the time of Trump) and that now he is finding a better reception in the media.

And as this man says very well, putting electric cars does not achieve anything if the electricity supply is not ecological, since currently only 17% of the electricity in the USA is obtained from renewables.

There is a huge road ahead.

In Europe the path is totally identical, and in both places the speed of change must be increased.

And all this should not make us forget the priority of public transport as well as the new possibilities of bikes (electric or not), electric scooters, etc….

Anything that helps us move with maximum sustainability is welcome.



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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues