Energy demand must be reduced to meet climate goals

The demand for energy must be reduced. Yes or yes. This is what all the experts in all countries say in order to meet climate goals

I have recently seen the summary of a report by CREDS (Center for Research into Energy Demand Solutions) which is an English association to transform energy demand in which they indicate very clearly that reducing polluting emissions will not be enough to meet the objectives climate conditions and that we must reduce our current energy consumption.

CREDS is made up of a team of 140 researchers from 24 universities, and you can see the web at:

These nice people like many others in the world study and advise the steps to take so that this world of ours continues to be habitable for everyone and for the next generations.

The follow up on their recommendations remains to be seen.

The reports they make for the UK can be perfectly extrapolated to any of the developed countries, since we are the ones who generate the “problem” of pollution that we suffer.

According to CREDS experts, if we do not reduce our energy demand, future electricity needs will multiply by four, and if they were reduced they would only multiply by two, which is more easily achievable without generating many distortions in the coming decades.

A video can be viewed at:

In their reports, the people of CREDS indicate concrete actions to take that politicians unfortunately do not implement in their day-to-day concern, and of the upcoming elections in which they wish to continue to be elected.

And that is our biggest PROBLEM, is that as a society we do not listen to those who know, but to the interested opinions of those who hold “power” in its various forms, and who are not interested in things changing much.

As is very well said in Lampedusa’s Il Gattopardo: everything needs to change so that everything remains as it is.

But dear friends, now the situation is very different, the world is now at a crossroads like it was not before and the changes predicted by the “experts” regarding the climate are to worry about for the sake of our descendants and to move us to action.

Will we do it ?



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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues