Car manufacturers also want to sell Apps

New cars, and in general all electric cars, are more digitized every day and can receive updates to their systems online.

Tesla does it, offering improvements to its autonomous driving system (although it is not really autonomous) and charging $ 199 a month to have them active. And that means a very juicy income that helps improve their sales and profit figures.

And the rest of the manufacturers are going the same way. I just read the news that the new electric Mercedes EQS will offer special features for those who pay and said “Applications” will be received online.

The EQS model is the equivalent of the old S model of more than 5 meters and to be able to turn more easily it allows a certain turn of up to 10 degrees of the rear wheels. Well, in the new EQS model, its computer system will not allow the wheels to rotate more than 4.5 degrees unless the user pays an extra almost 500 euros per year.

And the same will happen with other characteristics such as the power to get from the engine (between 300 and 700 horsepower), etc …

In the following photos you can see the exterior and interior of the EQS that will begin to be sold at the end of this year.

Also as an example, Volkswagen in its new Trinity model that will be released after 2025 announces a charge of 7 euros for each hour that its autonomous driving license is used.

It is clear that the cars of the future will come with a large computer that controls all its functions, and to have some of them we will have to pay. Whoever does not pay will not have that function.

You will not have to go to the distributor to have anything installed, everything will be online and the manufacturer will charge it directly. Which will be a juicy additional line of business.

Or seen in another way, the cars will not be ours as before but from the manufacturers, and we will have to pay them for certain uses. And by the way, the manufacturers will monitor everything we do with the car and will surely generate a good additional income from the data they obtain from our (will it be really ours ??) vehicle.

For that reason, Apple and Google have long been interested in getting into the car business. The ability to get data from that environment is enormous, and they know very well what to do with the data and how to get huge benefits from it.

We will be the users who will have to consider what we accept and what not. If we do not buy the impositions that they make us, they will surely change, because they need to sell the cars more than we buy them.

Something to think about.



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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues