By 2045, a third of the US fleet will be robotized

This data comes from the Chief of Naval Operations Navigation Plan 2022 ( NAVPLAN ) report that has been published by the US Navy, and represents a very important change compared to what they have today. And since the USA is at the head of the world in terms of defense, I suppose it will also be the strategy of the rest of the world powers.

The USA is the world’s leading military power, and has the military means to be present and active in all parts of the world, and a powerful naval force is necessary to be close to the ground in the event of a conflict far from its borders.

According to these plans, in the year 2045 the US Navy intends to have 523 combat ships, 373 ships with sailors and 150 robotic ships without personnel on board. This also represents an increase compared to the number of ships they currently have, and everything seems to indicate that this increase is due to the future challenge that China poses in its Eastern area.

In recent years, the Chinese have put into the sea all kinds of warships, being aware that to be a world power they need to have military resources that reinforce their arguments.

And the Americans do not want to be left behind. In Asia are the great industrial centers that supply materials to the whole world, and controlling the area is a priority for any power.

I suppose that the “center” of its naval force will continue to be managed by people, and the robotic boats (smaller and much cheaper) will be loaded with sensors to capture information from the enemy, and will support them in combat operations against submarines, protection of aircraft carriers, etc …

The US Navy has been experimenting with a few unmanned warships for several years now, and they are the ones with the most experience in this field. Field, which will develop more every day.

And what is clear to me is that the USA has no intention of ceasing to be the world’s leading military power. And for that they need to have a significant naval force.

It’s a shame but that’s how it is. In international relations, the reasons are worth very little when they are faced with the force of arms. And if not, let them ask the Ukrainians.



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Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues