AI is for business

Amador Palacios
2 min readSep 15, 2022


We do not have to deceive ourselves or let ourselves be deceived by the good words of some companies. Companies that develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) do so to achieve sales and business in the medium and long term.

Initially, they present more or less innovative programs so that people can get to know them, and later they try to monetize these developments, which are also very expensive.

And that doesn’t seem bad to me. What seems wrong to me is that some try to confuse people, and “preach” that they work for the good of humanity and the knowledge of all, when this is not the case. They are developing their own knowledge, and that “know-how” will be brought to market when they see fit.

AI is changing and will continue to change the way we work, and the leading companies in it must survive. In general, they are powerful companies with large financial means (as is the case of Google-Alphabet), which develop programs that can be used for various applications. And a curious application can quickly become a good business.

This is what has happened with the programs for generating photos based on written expressions ( Images and DALL-E 2 ), which first aroused curiosity, and a little later there are many clients who want to use them.

The Open AI company has a list of more than a million customers who want to use their DALL-E 2 program, and they are going to release it for sale at a moderate subscription cost: $15 for 460 images.

Potential clients come from all kinds of backgrounds: illustrators, marketing people, games, artistic publications, etc… and as these tools are used, new possibilities will appear. It is a road with no end in sight.

Google has not commented on what it intends to do with this technology, which is already being useful to help in the development of drugs, in the control of nuclear fusion processes, etc…. But surely they have something on their mind.

Being leaders in this field is very difficult, and to continue in the dynamics there are required enormous economic means to have very powerful computers, and the best programmers.

I guess it’s a matter of time before we see these tools as just another business for companies. Nothing new under the sun.



Amador Palacios

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