A lot of noise has been created around the Great Reset

And almost all that noise is biased and to misinform people.

They are the usual “deniers” who are opposed to recognizing climate change, getting vaccinated against Covid-19, etc….

They are the ones who maintain conspiracy theories about a supposed group of influential people who want to lead the world to socialism and take away people’s freedoms. Countless nonsense.

In the USA there are many of these people, but also in the rest of the world. In general they are people with ideas of the extreme right and also some of the extreme left. It is already known that extremes meet.

And the funny thing is that the idea of ​​the “great reset” was launched at the Davos forum in 2020 in the midst of suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic as a possible idea to “restart” (reset means restart) the activities we carry out and think about the possibility of doing them differently.

What It wanted was to be a message to encourage people to think and act differently more in line with the environment and re-imagine a different world (healthier, fairer and with a more prosperous future) with a global mindset, it has been misrepresented by those who constantly seek the “black hand” of someone in the shadows who wants to dominate us all.

Those people took the words “great reset” and promoted their conspiracy theory on social media, with more than 8 million iterations on Facebook, and something similar in the others.

They are the same people who continue to defend Trump’s victory at the polls in the last US elections. And this is nothing new, because there have always been conspiracy theories, what happens now is the enormous ease that social networks provide to transmit your ideas.

It is something that we have to assume as “normal”, but the bad thing about this situation is the huge number of people who only “get informed” through social networks, which ends up being uninformed, which is just what those who promote these kinds of ideas want.

And if people are less and less informed, when it comes to exercising their right to vote, they are more than likely to make bad decisions, and we all pay for those mistakes.

We must not forget the 4 years of Mr. Trump in the presidency lying almost every day.

As a Society we have a problem and it is not easy to solve it.

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues