A cooling synthetic tissue?

This is the surprising news that I have read, and I put it between question marks because it brings out in me reasonable doubts, but since things are progressing so much, maybe it turns out that it is true and I hope it is.

It is a synthetic cloth that reflects visible, infrared and ultraviolet light, and if we wear these clothes it prevents our body from absorbing those energies and therefore heat.

Its great advantage is that it does not consume any type of energy and apparently the cloth is not very expensive either, and those who have created it estimate that clothing with these characteristics would cost around 10% more than what we have now. Which is more than acceptable to be able to have clothes that help us get through the summer heat

In the previous photo you can see the thermal difference between normal cotton and the cloths in question placed on a human body.

Its creators say that they hope to have the first series of this fabric to be used in 2022.

Hopefully their expectations are met and that in the near future we can go cooler down the street.

With the expected rise in temperatures, this type of clothing will be more than welcome. But I would like to see it to believe it because this development has not been published in any scientific journal, and that makes me doubt a bit.

As always, time will be a fair judge.