New cars, and in general all electric cars, are more digitized every day and can receive updates to their systems online.

Tesla does it, offering improvements to its autonomous driving system (although it is not really autonomous) and charging $ 199 a month to have them active. And that means a very juicy income that helps improve their sales and profit figures.

And the rest of the manufacturers are going the same way. I just read the news that the new electric Mercedes EQS will offer special features for those who pay and said “Applications” will be received online.


For those who do not know, all boats off a certain size (for small ones it is not mandatory) must have an AIS System installed. This is a transponder that using GPS data emits every few seconds the position of the boat, its speed, identification, navigation direction, etc … and that signal is seen by other ships, which is a safety measure so that accidents do not occur at sea, especially in narrow areas with a lot of maritime traffic.

So far so good, this is the normal behavior of the boats during their route.

The PROBLEM arises when a…

After 20 years of international efforts so that Afghanistan had something similar to a government and a way of life in which women had some rights, the harsh reality prevails and the country falls back into the well of history, that is, in the hands of the Taliban.

And the worst thing is that it has fallen in a few weeks, which says very clearly that all international efforts to “help and train” its security forces have been for nothing.

Human lives and money ( more than 2 trillion dollars ) spent trying to help them have not served at…

For more than 20 years, people have heard about the great immediate future of Virtual Reality, and not long ago Facebook bought Oculus for 2 billion dollars to continue investing more than 15 billion a year in product development.

And it is true that the current Oculus glasses are much better than those of a few years ago, but they are still used and sold in small quantities.

The same happens with the rest of RV companies.

During this time the screens (mobile phones, PC’s, etc …) have also improved a lot and offer very good quality and definition of…

In recent months, the general situation of the electric car has changed completely and all manufacturers have launched to announce target dates when their cars will be fully electric. Some dates will be met and others will be delayed.

I think these ads are marketing strategies that help keep their traditional customers from thinking about buying cars from other competing brands.

Attached photo of some dates that are known until now.

Many of the traditional car manufacturers already have electric models on the market, and it is the luxury brands (Mercedes and others) that are the last to decide on…

The problem with large airplanes is that they weigh a lot and you cannot put batteries in them (they are very heavy) to fly in an ecological way. Airbus, Boeing and others have a serious problem making green airplanes.

To try to remedy this, cryogenic projects are being carried out using hydrogen at a very low temperature (-253 ºC) so that all the components are very close to superconductivity and not have energy losses.

But it is one thing to say it and another to do it.

As this is just a theory at the moment, several similar projects have…

Russia has shown at the MAKS-2021 fair what the future fighter plane will be like, which they have called “checkmate”. I suppose the name will be a marketing sign to try to checkmate the North American F-35 plane. Things typical of commercial marketing.

The great powers imitate each other and combat aircraft are a product that sells well in the market, and they also carry with them a great business in weapons systems and logistics. They are businesses that last dozens of years and are intimately linked with politics.

The model presented at the fair was a mock-up and the…

We have to be very clear that our mobile can be totally hacked and through it they can know, see and hear everything we do.

That is the conclusion that is obtained from the information published by various newspapers (The Washington Post, The Guardian and others) regarding the Pegasus Project that the Israeli company NSO sells to governments.

Pegasus is a “spyware” program that enters mobile phones without the owner knowing about it and obtains from it all the information about what the user does, sees and hears.

With this system, certain governments have controlled journalists, dissidents, politicians, and anyone…

Those are the statements that appeared in the press, Mr. Christian Bruch who is the CEO of Siemens Energy declared at the beginning of last August that he was not satisfied with the results of Siemens Gamesa.

Siemens Energy owns 67% of the shares of Siemens Gamesa, and if the “owner” of the large company says that he is not satisfied with the results of the small company, the workers of the same should worry a little.

I do not know if the message was for that, or rather a warning.

I have known Gamesa since its inception. First it…

It is the new proposal from Rachid Yazami who became famous for his involvement in lithium battery and is a known leader in the world of batteries.

The new charging system that he proposes would be capable of charging a car battery in 10 minutes to travel more than 700 km. It is the most advanced charger proposal that is known and comes from the hand of an authority in the field such as Mr. Yazami, which provides reliability to his proposal.

Battery chargers control the current that is injected into the battery, and this new system controls the voltage…

Amador Palacios

I am an electronic engineer with more than 40 years working in industry. I like to reflect on Technological and Social issues

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