5G technology is much more energy efficient than 4G

In addition to the data transmission being much faster in 5G (it exceeds 1 Gbit / sec.) than in 4G (it is about 70 Mbit / sec.), the data obtained also confirms that the energy consumption is much lower, on the order of a tenth that of 4G.

And taking into account that in the next few years there will be billions of operational 5G devices, this means that the total energy consumption will be less than the current one. Which is an important and noteworthy advantage.

Today, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) account for 4% of the energy consumed worldwide with its corresponding impact on environmental pollution. The fact that the new technology to be rolled out is 10 times more efficient in consumption means that less energy will be consumed. Which is very positive.

In tests carried out in Spain jointly by Telefónica and Ericsson with a 5G network in the surroundings of Madrid for more than a year, it also confirmed the data of achieving a consumption that is 10% of what is consumed today with current 4G networks.

Although for most mortals the 5G mobile is not a peremptory need, it is clear that their prices continue to drop (and will do so even more) and when buying a new mobile it will be an almost obligatory decision for almost all of us.

I’m not in any rush to switch phones, but when I do, I will quite likely choose to upgrade. And the issue of its energy efficiency is something worth considering because of the importance it has.

We can safely say that 5G is greener than 4G.

Which is undoubtedly good.

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